How do I view my scheduled shifts?

Viewing your scheduled shifts

To see your scheduled shifts, open the side menu () and then tap Shifts.

On the calendar, you’ll see dots of various colors under dates.

Green circle Green circles represent upcoming scheduled shifts.

Purple circle Purple circles represent all previously completed shifts.

Teal circle Teal circles represent a shift that you are clocked-in to.

Red circle Red circles represent a missed shift.

Gray circle Gray circles represent a care note correct request from the agency office.

Orange circle Orange circles represent any canceled shifts.


Tapping the date will display a list of your shifts. Tapping directly on one of your scheduled shifts will bring you to the shift information page.


You’ll first see the Shift Details tab where you can tap Get Directions for directions to the client’s residence. If you need to call the client or the office, you have the Call Client button or Office Phone number to do so.