Importing shifts

Instructions on how to use spreadsheet import scheduling

Import Rules
  1. Client names in the spreadsheet need to exactly match your client names

  2. Caregiver names in the spreadsheet need to exactly match employee names in Careswitch

  3. If the spreadsheet is a weekly schedule, all clients need to be on one worksheet

  4. If the spreadsheet is a monthly schedule, each client needs to be on their own worksheet


From the All Shifts view, select the "•••" button and "Import Shifts" from the dropdown, then choose a .xls or .xlsx spreadsheet file. You'll also be asked to specify if it is a weekly or monthly import and the timezone for those shifts. If your organization has multiple offices, you'll have to specify the import's office; only one office's shifts can be imported at a time.

Import Preview

After selecting "Next", you'll be shown a preview of what's about to happen. From here you can select "Cancel" if you don't want to go forward with the import. The import follows these rules:

  • The import only affects upcoming shifts (shifts that have not ended yet)

  • If a previously imported shift does not exactly match a shift in the spreadsheet (client, caregiver, times), it will be deleted

  • If the spreadsheet has a shift that is not in Careswitch yet, that shift will be created

  • If either the client name or employee name doesn't match, we'll show that errant shift as red explaining why it can't be imported - these red rows are ignored during the import

Import Summary

After importing, you'll land on an import summary that shows everything that just happened. Keep this window open if you need to reference it to update client or employee names prior to the next import.

Imported Shifts

Imported shifts are marked with a blue triangle in the top-right corner.

Note: You can edit imported shift, but we'll give a warning explaining the consequences. For example, let's say you need to adjust the time for a shift tomorrow. You can do that in Careswitch, but if you plan on importing again prior to that shift starting, you'll need to also adjust that time in your external schedule. If not, the next import will override that time change to the Careswitch shift.

Note: You can use normal schedules in addition to imported shifts. The import will never affect non-imported shifts (shifts without the top-right blue triangle).