Managing bill rates

Set your master list of bill rates to be used with shifts

Business admins can configure the master list of bill rates in the Settings section under Bill Rates. Add bill rates here that are available to all clients, and then in each Carespace you can set a default rate, or even create client-specific bill rates.


Note: We recommend that you set your bill rates right away so they are available when you create shifts. Pay and bill rates are not shown to caregivers.

Bill Rate Name

You can name your rates anything. Rates are never shown to caregivers, so these names are for your administrative use to keep rates organized.

Bill Rate Units

Just like pay rates, bill rates can be "Per Hour", "Per Day" or "Flat". The pay rates article explains how daily and flat rates can be used.

Bill Rate Status

If a bill rate is to no longer be used, you can update the status to "Inactive". This preserves that bill rate on all past and future shifts. Inactivating a bill rate means you won't be able to use it on new shifts that you create.