Managing pay rates

Setting your master list of pay rates to be used with shifts

Business admins can configure the master list of pay rates in the Settings section on the Pay Rates page. Add pay rates here that are available to all employees, and then in each employee profile you can fine tune which rates are available per employee, or even create employee-specific pay rates.

Note: We recommend that you set your pay rates right away so they are available when you assign caregivers to shifts. Pay and bill rates are not shown to caregivers.

Pay Rate Name

You can name your rates anything. Rates are never shown to caregivers, so these names are for your administrative use to keep rates organized.

Pay Rate Units

Pay rates can be "Per Hour", "Per Day" or "Flat".

Daily rates have an option for "Prorate Partial Days". E.g. if the daily rate is $300/day and the shift is 30 hours, pay would be $600. If the pay rate has prorated partial days, the pay would be $375 for a 30 hour shift (30 hours * $300 per day / 24 hours in a day).

Flat rates, often called per visit rates, have no concept of time. As long as the shift has clock-in and out times, even if the regular time from that shift is 0h, the flat pay rate is applied.

Pay Rate Status

Deleting a pay rate doesn't affect past and future shifts that are using that pay rate, but it removes the pay rate from the list. If you wish to keep record of the past pay rate, instead of deleting, you can set the pay rate status to inactive.