Onboarding a new client

How to setup new clients

Onboard a new client by creating a client profile for them. You’ll need their basic information (name, birthday, gender), at least one location, and at least one emergency contact.

Verify Locations

Make sure to verify each location for electronic visit verification purposes. In the top left of the client profile view, make sure that the current location is correct.

Add Client Profile Labels

In addition to current location, you can set client labels in the client's profile to help categorize your clients. Client labels are often used for Care Note filtering.

Create Plan of Care

Users with Clinical Supervisor permissions can then edit the Plan of Care page that includes the high-level sections such as diagnosis, precautions, daily routine, etc.

Clinical Supervisors are also responsible for the Tasks page. This page defines the Care Tasks (e.g. Temperature, Shower, Meals) that are used during the shifts.