Payroll field descriptions

Understanding what the payroll number amounts mean

In the Payroll section, your payroll will be broken down into several fields. Here are brief descriptions of what each are referring to.

Approved Gross Pay

This is the total amount of approved employee earnings.

Net Pay

This is the total amount to be sent to the employees by either check or direct deposit after all deductions are subtracted from their gross pay.


This is the total amount to be sent to Careswitch for tax withholdings for both employees as well as company taxes.


This is the total amount of money that you will owe for this payroll. This will include all direct deposit gross pay, paper check net pay, tax withholdings from paper checks, and company taxes.

Cash Requirement

This is the amount needed in your bank account to process payroll. This will include the total amount we are withdrawing to pay employees via direct deposit, company taxes, and employee tax withholdings.