Restarting the app

What to do if your app is not working

If for any reason you open the Careswitch app and it doesn't fully load (e.g. you can't get to the login screen), here are some ways to fix it.

Option 1) Force close the app

Closing and reopening an app only partially restarts the app. To fully restart the app, you need to force close Careswitch.

Option 2) Reinstall the app

If force closing the app doesn't work, you can delete the app and reinstall from the App Store or Google Play. No data will be lost and you will just need to log in again once the app has been reinstalled.

Option 3) Use the web application

Instead of using the installed app on your phone, you can always open Safari on your iPhone or iPad, or Google Chrome on your Android, and go to From there you can log in and have a very similar experience to the installed app.

Contact Us

If you're having any issues getting your app to load, please contact support.