Setting billing periods and invoice defaults

Bill periods that get used when creating invoices, initial values used in each new invoice

Business admins can configure bill period and invoice settings to match how your business operates.

Note: You'll want to configure your billing settings right away so your initial invoices have the correct date ranges and default values.

Billing Period

You can choose from a Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly billing period, and in doing so, a start date for your first billing period. You'll want these billing periods to match when and how often you invoice your payers. We'll give you a preview of a few upcoming bill periods to make sure you have picked the right start date.


Starting Invoice Number

New invoices are given numbers sequentially based on this number. If you are using the QuickBooks Online integration, you'll want to set the Starting Invoice Number in a way that doesn't conflict with your QuickBooks invoice numbering.

Client Billable Milage Rate

If you are collecting Client Mileage (set in Settings under Care Notes), and if you want to bill your payers for those miles, you can set a default rate per mile.

This rate gets saved to each invoice as invoices are created, so if you need to modify this rate for different payers, you can edit the rate in each invoice.

Default Payment Term

This can be Due on Receipt, Net 15, Net 30 or Net 60.

Default Invoice Memo

This gets used on the exported and emailed invoice. You can edit the memo in each invoice.

Default Email Message

This gets used when emailing an invoice. You'll have the ability to modify this message as you sent the invoice.

CC New Invoices To

You can comma-separate email addresses if you want to email this invoice to multiple people at once. You're payer will be able to see all of these emails addresses. If they reply all, these email addresses will receive the reply too.

BCC New Invoices To

If you want to silently send these emails to other email addresses, add them comma-separated here.

Note: If you want confirmation that emails have been sent, add your personal email here so when you receive the emailed invoice, you know that the payer did too.