Setting up QuickBooks Online

Steps to connecting to QuickBooks Online

Connect to QuickBooks to send your Careswitch invoices directly to your QuickBooks Online account.

To start, go to the Settings page, click Integrations, and then click the Connect to QuickBooks button. You'll be prompted to log into your QuickBooks Online account and then authorize Careswitch. After that, there are a few setup steps.

Step 1: Products and Services

Within QuickBooks, make sure that your "Products and Services" are set up as you'd like. There's no need to include rates, because the billing rates from Careswitch get used. When exporting Careswitch invoices to QuickBooks, you'll be prompted to select a service for hours, mileage and miscellaneous expenses. 

Step 2: Payers

Next, you'll want to set up your payers as Customers in QuickBooks. Make sure to include email addresses if you want to bill your payers that way.