Understanding care note times

The difference between scheduled, recorded, and actual times

Care note time and attendance data is made up of many different date/times. This article explains each and when they are collected.

Scheduled Start and End Times

If the shift is scheduled, it will have a start and end date/time. Once the shift starts, that is no longer editable and it remains a source of truth for what was scheduled.

Note: If a care note doesn’t have a scheduled start and end time, then it was created as a “flexible shift” where no start and end times were specified.

Recorded Clock-In/Out Times

The clock-in and clock-out times are used for payroll and invoicing purposes. By default, these values are rounded to the nearest 15th minute (e.g. a 6:54am clock-in becomes 7:00am), but that setting can be changed for your business to round to different values or no rounding at all.

Should the employee who created the care note request changes to a clock-in/out time, and when the submitted edits are approved, the recorded clock-in/out times are updated.

Actual Times

If viewing the care note with Office Staff or greater permissions, you have access to care note history at the bottom of the care note. Care note history also contains an audit trail of previous recorded times should those get edited. Due to your configured time rounding, don’t expect the clock-in and out events in care note history to exactly match the recorded times.

Visit Verification Times

In addition to the recorded clock-in/out times, electronic visit verification (EVV) times are saved. This is the exact time that the employee’s phone’s GPS chip retrieved the latitude, longitude, and accuracy for the clock-in or out. Like actual times, don’t expect these to exactly match the recorded times. The visit verification times are saved as a matter of completeness in case you need to reference them for any reason.

Clock-In and Clock-Out Explained

When is the recorded clock-in time collected?

The clock-in time is recorded when employees select the clock-in button.


When is the recorded clock-out time collected?

The number of clock-out steps depends on your business’ care note settings, but there’s always a time confirmation step that shows the recorded times for the shift, along with any unpaid breaks, travel time, shift duration, client/caregiver mileage, and the certification statement. The clock-out time is collected once you get to that step. When entering the step, you’ll see a brief loading indication with the description "Getting Clock-Out Time…”.

We encourage you to look at those times displayed in that step. If you started to clock-out well in advance of your shift ending, it’ll likely show an earlier time depending on your business’ time rounding setting. If that happens, simply go back a step then proceed to the time confirmation step again. You’ll see the brief loading indication while the app gets the new clock-out time.

This is the last possible moment that we can collect the clock-out time before the last clock-out step that collects the client signature. Since your client is verifying the billable time and mileage, we have to collect the clock-out time to show alongside the client signature.