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Upgrading to Full Service Payroll

Enabling Full Service Payroll to let Careswitch handle your employee onboarding, direct deposits, payroll taxes, W2s and 1099s

To upgrade to Full Service Payroll processing with Careswitch, click Payroll and then Settings.

From there, click Enable Full Service Payroll.

Review your pay schedule by confirming your TimezonePay Frequency, and First Payday. Once finished, click Confirm New Pay Schedule.

Next, you'll be prompted to complete your billing information.

After submitting your billing information, you'll receive a confirmation. Afterwards, click Go to Onboarding.

In the first step, you'll complete your Company Setup by providing the following:

  • Legal Name
  • Business Type
  • Email
  • Website
  • Employee Count
  • Contractor Count
  • Pay Period Amount
  • Current Payroll Provider
  • Address
You will also indicate whether or not you have already processed payroll for the year. Once complete, click Confirm.

In the second step, you'll configure your workplace by selecting the Primary Workplace. Once you have made your selection, and made any necessary adjustments to office address, click Confirm Workplace.

In the third step, you'll set the bank account that will be used to fund your payrolls. Agree to the terms and log into your bank account listed through Plaid. If your bank account is not listed, click the link above to manually enter your account information. Once finished, click the next step.


In the forth step, you'll configure your federal and state tax parameters. Click Start to enter your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) as well as your state account numbers and tax rates. Once finished, click the next step.


In the fifth step, you enroll your employees into payroll. If you have yet to invite employees into Careswitch, click Add New Employees to add them to Careswitch. Follow the process here to complete their enrollment. If your employees are already working in Careswitch, click Enroll Existing Employees.


Click Not Enrolled, then click the employee, and in the popup window click Enroll.


Enter all of the employee's information and then click Enroll.


Once finished, return to the Payroll section to complete implementation. Be sure to make a note of the days remaining. Finish implementation by enrolling your employees and importing your historical payrolls (if applicable).


Click Not Enrolled, then click the employee, and in the popup window click Enroll


The employee will then be listed under Enrolled Employees in a Blocked status. Click the  button in the upper right-hand side to send an onboarding email to the employee or manually onboard the employee on their behalf.


Once the employee has entered their Social Security Number, Tax Withholdings, and Bank Account, they'll be moved into a Completed status.


In the sixth step, you'll provide documentation for verification depending on your unique implementation such as a Signatory Identity Verification, Company Identity Verification, or a Federal EIN Verification. Upload the document being requested to proceed with your implementation.


In the final step, if you indicated that you have paid your employees during this year, you will be required to provide all of your historical payroll to date. This will include all of your employees' gross pay, pay days, taxes that were withheld, and net pay. In addition, this will include all of your businesses taxes. Click Ready to Import Payrolls to submit a ticket notification to Careswitch to get in touch with you.