Uploading documents

Uploading documents for the team, employees, and clients

There are a few places where files can be uploaded depending on their purpose. Files need to be 10MB or smaller and one of these formats: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), png or jpg. Files can be updated from the web application (not the mobile apps).

Any user that has office staff or greater permissions can upload documents. Documents get a name, optional description and a base permission to view. For example, if you don't want caregivers to view a file, set the base permission to office staff. If a certain file is just for your RNs, set the base permission to clinical supervisor.

Note: When uploading or editing a file, you'll see a "Contains PHI" checkbox. This exists because Android phones can only view files in native file-viewing apps that are separate from the Careswitch app. Because viewing files in Android means the files need to live outside of the Careswitch app, we can't guarantee that those files are being stored in a HIPAA-compliant way. To prevent accidental disclosure of Protected Health Information, make sure "Contains PHI" remains checked and those files can be viewed in the iOS app and downloaded in the web app.

Team Documents

Uploading files as team documents make them available to all employees, if they have permission to view. These files are available in all employee profiles. Example use: caregiver training PDF that all caregivers should have access to at all times.

Employee Documents

Within the team view, each employee's profile has a new documents view that shows team documents and documents that belong to that employee. Example use: employee agreements, certifications, etc.

Client Documents

A documents view is also available in each client profile. Example use: service agreements, incident forms, etc.