Using Premium Chat

Upgrading to have access to channels and broadcasts

Ideas For Using Premium Chat Features In Your Agency

One major benefit of channels over simply using group chats with the people involved is that you can keep communication around particular topics ordered.

For example, if there’s an ongoing discussion between your staff about a recruitment initiative, you can keep that conversation easily accessible in a specific channel without it becoming buried by any and all other messages between those same team members.

Some ways you can use the new features to your advantage: 

Private Channels

  • Create a private channel named after a client that includes all caregivers and staff involved in the care of that client 
  • Use private channels to segment your team: 
    • By role (“Admins”, “Schedulers”, “Nurses”, “Hiring Team”, “Sales and Marketing”, etc.) 
    • By care team (“John Smith”) 
    • By other team types (“office team” and “clinical team”) 
    • By location (Downtown team”) 
  • Create a private channel for the on-call team
  • Create a private channel to coordinate upcoming in-service training

Public Channels 

  • Create a public or broadcast channel specific to picking up extra shifts (having a dedicated channel makes it easy to ensure that no other messages are getting in the way) 
  • Build culture by having one or two channels where employees can share fun, non-work-related things (the team at Careswitch has a #music channel where people share cool music that they find, and a #random channel where we share funny things, life updates, and stories) 
  • Create a public employee recognition channel


  • Use broadcast channels to announce anything you don’t want a response to, such as in-service training announcements with mandatory attendance

Admin Capabilities 

Note that as an admin you can also delete messages from a group chat if they’re inappropriate, in the wrong channel, or reference confidential information 

To get started on Premium chat, click Learn More in the banner at the top of your chat view and follow the instructions through a quick signup form. Once signed up, you get Premium Chat free for 45 days to see if you like it.