Using QuickBooks Online integration

Exporting invoices to QuickBooks

Exporting Invoices

After you have created an invoice in Careswitch and added line items, you can select "Export to QuickBooks."


You'll be prompted to choose a QuickBooks Customer and Service(s).

Note: The export is a one-time event. After exporting to QuickBooks, if you modify the Careswitch invoice, you may want to delete the QuickBooks invoice and re-export. Similarly, any changes to the QuickBooks invoice will not be reflected in the Careswitch invoice. For these reasons, we recommend you export to QuickBooks only when the invoice is complete.

QuickBooks Workarounds

If modifying a QuickBooks invoice, if you change the "Product/Service" for a line item, the description, quantity, rate and amount is cleared out. To get around this, add a new line item with those values and then remove the original line.

Disconnecting QuickBooks

You can disconnect from your QuickBooks Online account at any time. Your QuickBooks data will not be affected by disconnecting.