Verifying locations (geofences)

Verifying visits through electronic visit verification (EVV)

Electronic visit verification needs verified locations so that each caregiver’s location can be properly classified when clocking in and out. Verify locations by setting geofences.

The Locations page in each client profile lists that client’s locations, notes for each location and which location is marked as “current”.

Note: Caregiver location is only collected if that shift has a location, and that location is verified with a geofence. You’ll want to verify most locations, but it could be preferable to not verify some locations if you wish to not collect caregiver location for that client profile.

Set Geofences

Unverified locations have a pink pin and geofence. Verified locations have a blue pin and geofence. You want your locations to be blue.

To verify a location, view the map through the “. . .” menu or by selecting the map thumbnail. This will show a full-screen map with controls in the lower left.

When the geofence looks good to you, select “Save” at the top right to finish location verification.

Geofence Controls

The starting geofence is guessed by the location’s address, but we expect you to fine-tune the geofences to make sure that they are right.

  1. Zoom in and out

  2. Save and close

  3. Go to your location (useful if you are onsite)

  4. Drop a pin by selecting this button then selecting the map

  5. Increase geofence size

  6. Decrease geofence size

  7. Remove geofence

Pro Tip: GPS can become unreliable with older phone or areas with less-than-ideal cellular coverage. When in doubt, increase the geofence size because when reviewing shifts, you’ll see the actual clock in and out locations then.

Remove Geofences

To unverify a location, select the trash can (option 7 in above screenshot) and then “Save”.